Welcome to Backpackers PARADISE, situated in SARTENEJA in the North of BELIZE.
We are a tropical farm 10 minutes outside the village with fruit trees, birds and horses.
We offer camping facilities with a nice communal room and communal kitchen and a range of economical accommodations from really small cabins with double bed to full-equipped wooden house for a family.




Classified as Lonely Planet Author’s pick for Belize 2008 Edition

and TOP Choice for 2011 Edition !

Around Sarteneja, a plan of What to do, Where to go By ED@bluegreenbelize.com


How to come to Backpackers Paradise ?

From the Public main pier of Sarteneja. You will see our direction sign: just after taking of the Thunderbolt coming from Corozal in the morning or San Pedro in the afternoon. (more info)

How to come in summary 

From Corozal at 7:00 AM or San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) at 3:30 PM, read our direction’s page for more info.

Bus leaving from Belize City (at the swing bridge) then catch it in Orange Walk. Bus from Chetumal, catch it in Corozal. (more)



Best Prices in Belize !

Room (double bed) share bathroom: $15 US

Room (double bed) private bathroom: start $22 US

Camping:  $6 US

Communal kitchen, free WIFI available to our guests in the communal room.

Last prices ( from November 2013) please email to:



Contact us to know about availabilities then we will send you an electronic bill. More details on Book on-line.

We never tell this too much:

NO ATM machine in Sarteneja ! You need to take cash (in Corozal, Orange Walk, San Pedro) before arriving in the village. We don’t accept traveler’s check.

$ 1 Belize = $0.50 US



We are proud to be one of the first restaurant in Belize (if not the first) to cook and serve the Lion Fish ONLY, the best fish you will ever eat. The Lion fish is an invasive species that is destroying the reef ecosystem.
Blue Ventures is working on a Lionfish project and have their office in Sarteneja.

Visit our pictures gallery with more than 1600 photos from Sarteneja, Belize, nature around, boat building, sailing and more…

More info to come...
Sarteneja bay front
Sarteneja bay front

New door on Zayann
ZAYANN from Natty Dread
ZAYANN Trips - Captain




  1. Thank you for all you do for Belize and for the planet. Everything we do matters!!
    Peace and Love,

  2. i have visit sarteneja many times and could tell u dat i love it i made many friends and hope to go back agian and why not get married at this wonderful village and remember the good times,may god bless sarteneja

  3. I really like sarteneja and the girls there.the people are very friendly and peaceful.the seaside is nice. The sea is beatiful and nature is so nice. The boats in the sea gives you a nice view,specially at sunset. U cann also find cold ice beer anywhere in sarten. I also really like the UDP standard bear of that area and yes he will this election with God on its side.XOXOXOXO

  4. “Unfortunately locals will see to late how negative is this way of development if we don’t offer alternatives now.
    How kind of society brings a sterilized village for retired north-americans (that are growing like mushrooms around Sarteneja) ? Seems like modern slavery to me…
    “What might have been” is how I see Sarteneja.

  5. hi. i’m fun of backpacers hostel for long time. i’m planning to visit soon, but i have a question.
    1. i’m US permanent residence and have a japanese pasport. do i need visa to visit belieze? i’ll staying belieze for only 2 weeks.
    2. do you have some volunter oppotunities.. ex… work on farm or your hostel?
    3. i’m runaway from city because of too much radiations going on …. micro wave, radio wave, electro-magnetic-fields….and making people sick. i want to know if there is a cell phone tower or antenna around your hostel? if there is how far is it?
    4. i want to do camping .. in feburary… is it too cool night time to do camping?

    thank you.

  6. Un petit bonjour à notre collègue Bernard.
    Nous lui souhaitons de bonnes vacances.
    Bon vent

  7. Had a great time at backpackers paradise. We got to use our new hennessey hammocks all I needed was a few trees and we were sleeping nicely. Natalie has a great restaurant and I love the crepes with nutella…